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Hi, I am Penelope!

Since I was little, I dreamed of travelling far and wide. This has been very probably inherited through my grandfather and parents’ experiences in life. After many years of travelling and living in different countries, I have created this site to share my travels, adventures and constant wisdom seeking. Don't ever conform to the norm!

This site might give you some inspiration, helping you with tips and ideas so you can go on your own adventures. If there would be one advice, I could give anyone in this life, it would be travel. Travel a lot. See the beauty in everything you discover. Travel educates the mind and enables the path to an enriched life and wisdom. I don't mean go to the nearest tourist attraction, take a picture and go home. Explore, learn, discover. Embrace, live and absorb the city, the country, the language and the culture. And food! that is an important part of the journey. It not only gives you fuel to keep going, but it enhances your senses.

no need to conform to suceed

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 crisis, we are not travelling abroad at the moment. However, we just purchased a lovely Ford Transit which we are planning to transform and go on many adventures together through the UK, Europe and if all goes well,
maybe the world!

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