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Where am I now?

I grew up and lived in multiple countries. I live by my father's principle of embracing local life and speaking the language wherever I am based. It has always been important not to be an Expat and picking up idioms, experience the culture and live the traditions of each unique place I have been to. I got used to getting lost as a child in new places as my parents avoided mass tourism. You will definitely get to read some of these stories. Having lived in 7 countries and travelled many more, I call Scotland home for the last few years.


I have worked as an ecology consultant monitoring protected species in the UK. I am fluent in four languages and have experience teaching languages as well as working as a freelance translator and simultaneous interpreter. I am interested in the natural world, wildlife and the outdoors. I enjoy museums, in-transit airport adventures, cultural festivals, good food and coffee. And travel, but I think you already guessed it.

How did I get here?

Growing up, I had times where I was confused about my identity. Having two parents from different countries, living in a country not of origin for my parents, didn't make it easier. In the beginning,  I didn't see this, but now and again there was always someone in need to remind me I was an outsider. As I grew older, I learned to embrace this identity. Actually, I was not an outsider. I embraced the place, the language, the country and learned from each one. I became resilient and able to adapt to different environments. To add to this, it was not only my national identity but also my personality. I was not a normal kid. Growing up as an only child, I liked to observe others from an early age and asked myself many questions about people and life. I enjoyed travelling and talking to different people and I always was intrigued by adults and their life stories. I was that funny kid that used to start conversations with adults. I had a wild imagination and could spend hours in my dream world, reading books about faraway places and also enjoyed the outdoors. We spend most of our lives being socially categorised. This begins in early childhood. And while using stereotypes to socially categorise a person might simply make life easier for many, it gets complicated when you don't fully feel identified with any category. I always just felt like an individual who likes to socially interact with others of a different colour, culture, language custom, country, status and age. I never belonged in a group, rather had individual friends here and there and everywhere. The quality of the conversation is more important to me than any of these sometimes silly social constructs. What someone brings to your life is more important to me. Throughout my childhood and adulthood, I have met some very interesting people in my travels. And some of the conversations and experiences have stayed with me. I am just a person who lives life and loves to travel. I am not a nationalist. I enjoy all nations and if borders didn't exist, I would be a world citizen. Many years forward, I share my life with my husband and daughter, who can't seem to fit into a category either. And it's OK. We do not conform to the norm, do you?


Why Follow Our Adventures?

There is so much to read online, why should we read your content? We are a family of 3 + dog travelling and living adventures. I cannot categorise it as a family blog. Sometimes I travel solo, sometimes with my daughter and others all of us together. We mainly do budget travel, but might throw in a luxurious night if we find a good deal. We are converting our van to travel for longer trips and weekends, but we are not vanlivers, try taking a piano in a van for practice! We love nature, adventure, city escapes, music, food. All they have in common is travel. Explore and read for yourself to get to know what we are all about. I hope that our travels and tips will inspire you to plan and go on your own adventures too. I would love to hear about that too! Feel free to email me if you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. And in these uncertain times, safe travels.


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