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New Journey

DD and I are travelling together again. It is crazy to think that the first time we took our first flight together (besides my pregnancy) was when she was only 6 weeks old. Many flights, in transit adventures and memories of distant places. While many of my friends who had small children relied on their organised schedules and daily family routines, I felt a bit chaotic in comparison. I was always a mom on the go. With my own organisation, I made sure I took all the necessary on the road for my baby and I. I had my mind clear that having a child was not going to slow me down and that I wanted to share the world with her. She was overall a happy baby with the ability to sleeping in prams, Baby Bjorn (best investment for travelling parent), my arms, flights, trains, cities, towns and just everywhere. This gave us incredible freedom.

Enjoying nature

And now a teenager, here we are. Currently, we are living on an island in Scotland to experiment life surrounded by the rugged landscape, rich wildlife, music and community spirit. Now it is time to travel again, this time to New Zealand. To get there, we will have to first get out of the island. From Edinburgh we will be flying to Frankfurt, then Hong Kong and finally Auckland. We will have to collect our luggage in Edinburgh and stay at a hotel nearby as our flight won’t be leaving until the next evening. Luckily we had this reservation ages ago but decided to not go to Edinburgh at the time. We could not get a refund but were allowed to move the booking, so we used it for the purpose of this trip.

This trip, however, is not just a holiday. It is an inner journey. There are many changes happening in the world. And with this, we are constantly adapting. Adaptation is key to survival. To survive mentally and physically. This is if we want to thrive in this ever-changing madness we call life. The question that needs an immediate answer is: ‘How should I live my life NOW so I have no regrets later?’ Nothing comes easy. Even though I keep on hearing from people how lucky I am to do what I do, to have what I have, to not have fear, to travel, to have a good child, to have a happy family. I think people believe in fairy tales just as they are portrayed in books and stories. Don’t get me wrong, I read many and enjoyed them as well, but I know that with all dreams come work to make it happen. There is something before and after the story. Confronting fears, always being capable to look back and looking at what we want to change, and make it happen. Again, hard work. I have taken many roads. And every path shows a window. What path will you take and if you choose this particular path, what do you need to leave behind, change or perhaps sacrifice? One cannot have it all. Or can we?

DD and I

So this is an exciting journey to make. Even more so having DD on my side who is developing her personality and on her own journey of adventures and self-discovery. We will be received on the other side by my parents who will be happy to see us.

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