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PUZZLING WORLD: A Fun Place for Young and Old & 7 Great Reasons to Go

Puzzling World is located just outside of Wanaka. Opening in 1973 with initially only a wooden maze, it slowly grew until becoming an award-winning museum with displays of optical illusions, crazy puzzle rooms, and a 3D maze, which seems to have been the first of its kind in the world. The Leaning Tower of Wanaka is the most famous part of Puzzling world and one of the most famous attractions in New Zealand. After spending the previous day exploring Wanaka, we did want to see Puzzling World before continuing our road trip.

We spend a couple of hours exploring most of the attractions. The price is not all included. You have the option of paying for two attractions separately or add them together. This is for the wooden maze only, or the illusion rooms only, or the maze and the illusion rooms together. We only went to the illusion rooms. The maze is very big, so that meant spending at least another hour getting lost. Here are our 7 reasons to go to Puzzling World.

1. The Leaning Tower of Wanaka

The Leaning Tower of Wanaka leaning at 53 degrees is at the entrance of Puzzling World. It’s a great building and this part is free. It’s fun to take silly pictures.

2.The Puzzle Centre

The Puzzle Centre is at the entrance of Puzzle World. There are many tables with countless, games, puzzles and brain teasers to choose from. There is a cafe offering a variety of foods and drinks, you will need after so much running and walking. It’s recommended to do this at the end of the visit. You can easily stay here for another hour having a great time.

3.The Tilted House

The room is built at a 15 degree angle, giving the illusion that the rooms do not follow universal laws and forces physics. Classic, yet very entertaining.

4.Ames Forced Perception Room

This room has a camera with a delayed video footage where visitors can see themselves after visiting the room. Depending on the position, the person becomes taller or smaller.

5. The Sculptillusion Illusion Gallery

There are many optical illusions making you see different objects move, depending on where you look from, perspective paintings and the classic and new reversible figures. 

The Magic Ball

6. The unusual toilets

There is no escape of illusions. Even a visit to the toilets will be confusing. Try the Roman toilets too.

7. The Following Faces

Certainly one of the most impressive illusions, Nelson Mandela and Albert Einstein will be tracking the visitor’s every move.

The Following Faces

Another Reason to Go

There is a $100,000 NZD prize offered by Puzzle World to the person who can prove to have psychic powers. The “psychic” in question will use their immense power to find an undisclosed item situated on Puzzling World Grounds. To ensure all psychics are not wasting their time or pulling a prank, they must pay $1000 NZD to take part. The potential psychic will sit in a room for 30 minutes, while the owner and sceptic Stuart Landsborough will sit behind a screen and ask questions while visualizing an answer. After this, the “psychic” has an hour to find the notes. Although seven “professional psychics” have tried to win the challenge “, every one of them failed to answer correctly.

Final Thoughts

Its crazy, it’s confusing, it makes you laugh and makes your head spin. If you have children, bring them here. If you don’t have children, go here. It will entertain you for hours and make you totally forget about the world for a while. And who knows? You might end up leaving with $100,000 NZD if you happen to possess some psychic powers and can prove it to Wanaka and the world!

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